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About myself

Personal Development

I have always been an avid learner, devoting my time and energy to personal development, English language in particular. I would seize every opportunity to learn English language, whether it is grammar, reading comprehension or learning new lexical resources. I would always attend English language related seminars and workshops and the benefits have been tremendous. During my studies in Australia I was assigned as the group leader for group report and the topic is student leisure activity. After spending many hours helping my team members I realized that, despite being very challenging, the experience was worth the effort and it was rewarding seeing the outcome. I have been inspired to take my English level to the next level, as I believe it would be a requirement for my long-term goal. I can be considered a person who is determined to acquire competence in English language. I am ready to meet new challenges and make mistake and learn from any mistakes that I make, seeing them as opportunities to grow.


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